Ayas Vision

AYAS vision is that in a short time, its invention will change dramatically the way we watch TV, Internet, Films, Video on demand, live broadcasts, family films, in fact, any content on the screen. 
At a push of a button, you are adding your friends to join you on the same screen, sitting beside you, watching the program together.
True, sometimes you will want to be alone with yourself, but the default is the opposite: No more alone in front of the screen.

AYAS focuses mainly on entertainment: Sports, movies, news, programs, family movies, TV shows, theaters, rock concerts, and classical music, but it also operates in districts where it can bring a huge contribution: schools and universities, international dating sites, auctions, churches, mosques and synagogues, and the international film festival market.

Your friends, appearing at a push of a button- to join you live on the screen will become an integral part of the viewing experience, and what will be perfected and developed is the way your friends will express their feelings and emotions about what is happening on the screen. AYAS uses Artificial Intelligence for this purpose, which decodes the viewer’s mood at a given moment, and offers him a complete catalog of possible reactions, but the basis is always the real person in his real image. 

AYAS has developed its first prototype, AYAS 100, and it is now developing AYAS 200, the commercial product, which embodies advanced features and capabilities. AYAS 200 will be ready in beginning of February 2021.

AYAS runs on any device: smart TV, mobile phone, computer, tablet, and on any operating system: Android, IOS, Windows.

AYAS’s vision is to reach 100 million users by the end of 2023. You will most likely be one of them. 
But you can do it much sooner, by joining us right now. 

See you at Ayas

Michael Behagen, Chairman and CEO