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Frequently Asked Questions

On any device with one of these operating systems: Android, IOS, Windows. Includes: TV, mobile phone, computer, laptops, and tablet.
You have to buy tickets for everyone or allow each of them to pay for the movie on their own. We give everything that every other VOD movie company gives, plus one bonus: you get your friends and seats together eith you.
: Not at all. You give the basic details, get an SMS to the cellphone number you provided, and that’s it.
You get a written message plus a short sound. The sound varies depending on the urgency of the invitation. One click on the invitation, and you’re in the movie.
There is no limit to the number of participants.
It depends on whether the interference is in the picture or in the audio. If it is video: You can make them semi-transparent, you can reduce them, you can change their position. And you can make them vanish completely.If it’s audio: You can lower the balance in the friends’ general track or close the friend’s microphone if their dog is too eager to go for a walk.

You can connect an external camera to USB or HDMI

And AYAS will recognize it. If you do not have a camera, you can select the

The still image or avatar that represented you.

Zoom is a great video calling software. It is not intended for shared viewing of video content, and in this section it becomes very cumbersome. AYAS is first and foremost a program designed for shared viewing of video content. TV set. Internet. VOD. For this purpose, the technologies operated by the two companies are completely different. ZOOM works by screen sharing. AYAS uses a completely different technology so that the broadcast program will be of the highest quality.