About Us

We stepped in a New Paradigm
with new challenges to face and opportunities to use

people watch more video by streaming services

, 1
bn IN 2023
From $ 24,8 bn in 2019

people communicate more by conferencing services

All About


Our team combines passion about cinematography with progressive mindset.

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Michael Behagen

Chairman and CEO

Behagen has dozens of years of work in the field of Production of Television, film, muic and Hi-Tech. He founded Moonlight, a video compression company, that raised 8 million dollars
based on a patent he co-invented a Device for Remote for PC. Early on, in order to develop an algorithm that would enable the transmission of high quality video inside the house, the company became one of the world leaders in the field of video compression and was the pioneer in the field of H.264.

Rivka Ben Moshe

Marketing Manager

Mrs Ben Moshe is an economist and financial advisor. International expert in marketing and finance. She has taught hundreds of finance students in Israel and around the world.

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Roni (yaron)

Yaron Levin

Strategic Relations

Yaron Levin is an independent business with a record of more than twenty-five years of Business in the field of real estate and transportation from coast to coast in the USA.