Do you prefer watching games in a group or alone?

Inspired from the current football world cup which I’m watching it alone on TV and now missing the old days where we used to get together at a friends place for watching cricket (Pakistan matches). I think there is a better atmosphere in watching games with friends or other people who know about the sport, […]

question of the day: Do you prefer to watch movies alone or with others?

Today’s question comes from reader MarkyD, who wants to know: Do you prefer to watch movies alone or with others?For me, it depends on who the others are. If it’s friends that share my attitude about how to watch a movie (ie, if it’s the first time I’m seeing it, I don’t want to talk […]

Do you prefer to watch movies alone or in the company of others?

Asked by orlando (627) December 3rd, 2013 I had a discussion with a friend today and he mentioned that he doesn’t like to watch movies when alone. Actually he mentioned that watching a movie in company of other people is incomparably more enjoyable for him. As I myself enjoy watching movies alone quite a bit, I wonder […]

The I Formation

My friends hate watching football with me. I couldn’t be happier. Though pro football has never been more popular on television, attendance in NFL stadiums has decreased for four straight years. The arguments in favor of watching at home are plentiful: It’s cheaper, easier to park, and the view on your HD flat screen is better than […]

Analysis: Fewer movies in theaters? Big Media turns focus to streaming video

(Reuters) – Walt Disney Co’s revamp of its media and entertainment businesses represents Hollywood’s latest move to prioritize streaming media, raising questions about how much big media companies will continue to support movie theaters. On Monday, Disney said it had restructured its media and entertainment businesses to accelerate growth of Disney+ and other streaming services […]

Can streaming services fully replace movie theaters? An investigation

On cold winter nights around this time of year, many of us find ourselves closing out our nights cozied up in bed on our devices, watching newly released films and binge-watching seasons of our favorite TV shows. It is no secret that Netflix, Amazon, Hulu have been monumental successes and the creation of a Disney […]